Embracing Modern C++ Safely Book Cover
Embracing Modern C++ Safely
EMC++S shows you how to make effective use of the new and enhanced language features of modern C++ without falling victim to their potential pitfalls.

Based on their years of experience with large, mission-critical projects, four leading C++ authorities divide C++11/14 language features into three categories: Safe, Conditionally Safe, and Unsafe.

  • Safe features offer compelling value, are easy to use productively, and are relatively difficult to misuse.
  • Conditionally Safe features offer significant value but come with risks that require significant expertise and familiarity before use.
  • Unsafe features have an especially poor risk/reward ratio, are easy to misuse, and are beneficial in only the most specialized circumstances.

This book distills the C++ community's years of experience applying C++11 and C++14 features and will help you make effective and safe design decisions that reflect real-world, economic engineering tradeoffs in a large-scale, diverse software development environment. The book uses examples derived from real code bases to illustrate every finding objectively and to illuminate key issues. The authors identify the sound use cases, hidden pitfalls, and shortcomings of each language feature.

After reading this book, you will:

  • Understand what each C++11/14 feature does and where it works best
  • Recognize how to work around show-stopping pitfalls and annoying corner cases
  • Know which features demand additional training, experience, and peer review
  • Gain insights for preparing coding standards and style guides that suit your organization's needs
  • Be equipped to introduce modern C++ incrementally and judiciously into established code bases

Seasoned C++ developers, team leads, and technical managers who want to improve productivity, code quality, and maintainability will find the insights in this modular, meticulously organized reference indispensable.

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