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Dive into C++11/14

Modern C++11/14 video tutorials of various topic, ranging from language features to game development.

2D procedural dungeon generation

Ever wanted to create a dungeon-generating algorithm for your games?

Solving the "crack" problem in 2D collision resolution

A common bug that occurs when developing 2D collision detection and resolution.
In normal implementations, physical bodies will get "stuck" between two adjacent tiles.
In the video, I show two possible solutions.

2D grid spatial partitioning basics (speed up collision broad-phase)

A grid as a spatial partitioning method is easy to implement and can speed up immensely collision detection. In this video, I try to explain how it works, how bodies do not have to match the cell size, and a possible implementation.

2D grid spatial partitioning addendum (with code analysis and drawn explanation)

This is a screencast, where I explain to a friend (http://www.youtube.com/user/TheGeekatory) using a virtual whiteboard and Mumble voice chat, how 2D grid spatial partitioning works and how it can be implemented. It features a real-time drawing that helps with understanding how spatial partitioning works, and code analysis from my personal implementation, that can be found and forked on my GitHub page, in the SSVSCollision repository.

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