This is my old portfolio/CV. Will be updated soon.

communication skills

  • Can speak Italian(mother tongue) ​and ​English(C1 self-assessment)
  • Can easily collaborate with others (worked in groups and volunteered)
  • Experienced in teaching and lecturing (spoke at several international programming conferences, created well-received video tutorials)

digital competence

Experienced in the following technologies:

  • ​Microsoft Windows ​and ​GNU/Linux
  • Modern C++​, ​C#​ and​ .NET Framework
  • Java, ​HTML5, CSS, JS and SQL
  • 2D game development
  • MinGW, GCC, Clang and Boost


  • Game development with GNU/Linux - Linux Day 2013 (Messina) - game development with GNU/Linux and C++11
  • Quick game development with C++11/C++14 - CppCon 2014 (Bellevue) - rapid game development using modern C++ features
  • Introduction to Git and GitHub - Linux Day 2014 (Messina) - basic Git and GitHub usage for development and study purposes
  • for_each_argument explained and expanded - C++Now 2015 (Aspen) and CppCon 2015 (Bellevue) - analysis and improvement of a powerful C++ code snippet
  • Introduction to game development with C++14 - it++ Meetup 2015 (Florence) - live coding of a playable game using modern C++
  • Implementation of a component-based entity system in modern C++14 ​- ​CppCon 2015 ​(Bellevue) ​- analysis and live coding of a cache-friendly ECS framework


  • Dive into C++11/14 - free online video modern C++ screencast tutorials ranging various topics. Heavily focused on code quality, latest standard features and best practices. ​[LINK]
  • Open Hexagon - free open-source game featuring online capabilities and complete user customization/modding [LINK]​[GITHUB]
  • SSV Toolkit - free open-source C++14 multi-purpose libraries, ranging from component-based entity systems and physics engines to JSON libraries and math utilities ​[GITHUB]
  • git-ws - git plugin that allows the user to easily deal with multiple repositories ​[GITHUB]
  • veeForum - PHP5 forum creation framework featuring a modern responsive web interface, complex SQL (heavy use of triggers, stored procedures, cursors), PHP5 modules for HTML page generation, and much more [GITHUB]
  • AutoSyncGen - C++14 library that helps with automatic compile-time generation of generic data structures that can be conveniently synchronized over a network [GITH​UB]
  • Delver's Choice - free open-source casual game with rogue-like elements originally developer for ​Global Game Jam 2015 [LINK]​[GITHUB]
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