post-summer update

27 september 2014


I've recently uploaded a video on my YouTube channel to give everyone some updates about my projects and share my new experiences.

To put it briefly, I've had a very busy summer and couldn't find much time to work on my main projects such as Open Hexagon or Operation Bloodshed. Many minor updates to them and to my libraries were however released.

In september I've also spoke at CppCon 2014 in Bellevue about game development with C++11/C++14. It was an amazing experience!

The slides are already available, the video of the talk should be released soon by the CppCon staff, along with an interview by Channel 9.

That's it!

I hope I'll be able to find more time to work on my projects and finally release OH2.0.

open hexagon 2.0 RC2 released

02 may 2014

Get it on the projects page!

Please report issues and give your feedback on the official Facebook page.

dive into C++11 - episodes 3, 4

05 january 2014

Hello everyone, hope you had great holidays!

I've finished part 3 and 4 of my C++11 tutorial series, Dive into C++11.

They're available on YouTube.

Part 3 talks about C++ variable lifetime and manual memory management. Part 4 explains what smart pointers are and how to use them.

I've also uploaded a new operation bloodshed devlog.

Hope you find the videos interesting!

(I've also added links to the Open Hexagon 2.0 release candidate in the downloads page. 1.92 servers were shut down so that version may have issues starting as the IP address does not exist anymore. 2.0 RC1 should be playable.)

new tutorial - dive into C++11 [2]

01 december 2013

Let's expand our Arkanoid clone and our C++11 knowledge.

Learn more about constexpr and uniform initialization, and how to deal with FPS and framerates.

Watch on the TUTORIALS page.

new tutorial - dive into C++11 [1]

24 november 2013

Let's build an Arkanoid clone from scratch in 40 minutes, using C++11 and SFML 2.1!

Watch on the TUTORIALS page.

moved to new host

05 november 2013

Many, many thanks to Daniel Porter!.

operation bloodshed

07 october 2013

I've been working on a new project lately, operation bloodshed, an attempt at the creation of a spiritual successor to Operation Carnage, one of my favorite childhood games.

operation bloodshed

operation bloodshed

Operation Carnage is a 1996 abandonware arcade game with a very simple but addicting and fun gameplay. It has a very interesting shooting/strafing mechanic that is easy to learn but hard to master. Unfortunately, it also has some design flaws that I'll try to solve in my game.

operation bloodshed

operation bloodshed

The gameplay is very fast-paced, a typical feature of overhead retro-shooters. I worked on persistent blood particle effects and used my custom pseudo-physics engine, SSVSCollision, to deal with collisions and enemy movement. It works quite well so far.

operation bloodshed is very work-in-progress, but I've recorded some video devlogs that you can watch on my youtube channel.

Here is devlog #13 showing some gameplay!

The project will be free, open-source and crossplatform.

I'm also trying to maintain an updated devlog here on TIGSource.

ludum dare 27 - 10corp

26 august 2013

I've finally participated in Ludum Dare 27, a 48 hour game-development competition.

My game is 10corp, a reflex-based, frustrating, puzzle platformer.



The game is written in C++11, using only SFML2.1 and JsonCpp as external dependencies. It is written using my personal "SSV framework", written from scratch, which is free, open-source and available on GitHub.

I couldn't manage to polish the game as much as I wanted to. There only are 7 playable levels, no gfx options, no key rebinding, et cetera.

Still, being my first Ludum Dare, it was a very interesting and learning experience and I'm glad (and surprised) I managed to create something (in my opinion) worth playing that could become a fun little game with additional polish.

Hope you enjoy my entry!

Gameplay #1 Gameplay #2

Also, Open Hexagon news: